I learned a long time ago it pays to be organised.

When I am at home with our daughters Ivy Mae and Indy Rae, the girls and I have a consistent routine that we stick too as best we can.

I know that doesn’t work best for everyone, but it works best for us.

When we are touring with David though, our normal routine goes out the window!

Typically I’m a super organised and regimented person, but I enjoy the unpredictable change-up of packing to join David on tour.

I guess I just enjoy when our family is all together. It doesn’t matter where in the world that is, as long as we are by each others side.

As everyone knows, Dave plays all three forms of cricket, so we travel quite regularly.

He is away 300 days a year, so we accumulate plenty of frequent flyer points!

So unless we travel with him, it can be quite hard to stay connected.

A lot of the wives and partners choose not to travel all the time, but our little family loves it.

We consider ourselves so fortunate to see so many countries – my eldest daughter loves to ride the tuk-tuks so you could imagine her excitement when she visited India for the first time!

We are lucky enough to see so many beautiful places and amazing cultures.

300 days on the road is challenging, but we’ve learned to appreciate everything we have in life – Dave loves his cricket and loves all three forms of the games, including playing in the IPL so while his body is holding up and he is in a position to play as much cricket as possible, we want to make sure we can support him in every way.

And it’s great, because when David is home, he really is home. It’s all about our girls when we’re back in Sydney – he does such a great job of blocking everything else out.

Candice Warner

We have so much on our plate at the moment with our business interests in 666 Vodka, as well as building and renovating our dream home in Lurline Bay.

In between everything though, being a mum comes first – I always make sure my family comes before anything else.

And just like any other household, we have our tough moments.

As our girls get older, they miss daddy so much more, and saying goodbye to him can be emotional for all of us.

But we surround ourselves with good people that help us, and when we stick to our routine and schedule it’s easier to stay busy and help us get through those tough times.

Personally, I like to keep busy and achieve things around the house, in business or socially – there aren’t too many days when I reach the evening that I’m not exhausted from training, working or from playing with the girls.

But I wouldn’t change anything. Those days mean everything to me and David when he is home.

I could not ask for a better husband, or better father to our girls.

It’s funny because on the cricket field he is this hard hitter, aggressive, no-nonsense athlete and is locked in during play.

But no matter what level of cricket he is playing, as soon as he comes from the field for lunch, before he eats he always comes over to embrace us girls.

He is a wonderful cricket player, but an even better family man.

On the eve of the highly anticipated Ashes series, the only advice I give to him is to enjoy playing for your country, and in an Ashes series because so many young kids dream of doing so.

Enjoy the moment knowing the girls and I are so proud of you, no matter what happens.

We are so grateful to be part of this journey with you.

Candice Warner

Candice Warner

Candice Ann Warner is an Australian professional iron-woman and lifestyle blogger.

First and foremost though, she is the mother to her two beautiful daughters and wife to Australian cricketer David Warner.