I’ve always believed that if you have a strong self belief then you can get through anything.

Each day I’ve gotten out of bed, I’ve had to remind myself of that mantra, because this past year has been the toughest of my life and career.

To receive a three month ban from bowling due to my action, was an incredibly tough thing to go through.

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To come out of that and on the other side, is a positive step in the right direction for me.

When the ban was initially handed down, my initial thought was if I can get through this, I can get through anything.

The key for me was to revert back to what I have always believed has helped those we consider “champions” or “successful” people; it’s not how you react when success is coming your way, it’s how you react when your backs on the wall.

The ban was a learning curve and it was a tough experience but something I’m grateful to come through and be on the other end of it now.

So for those 90 days I did a lot of work, building more strength through my lower body while also improving mechanics on my action.

I don’t think I’ve changed too much. I was always confident deep down that I was going to be fine, so that’s a good thing.

Arjun Nair exclusive insight

I had two unbelievable coaches that helped me along the way, their names are Anthony Clark and Beau Casson.

They have been fantastic and have really aided me through this process. Words cannot describe my gratitude towards them.

Also my Dad and family, they were a big part in supporting me and always encouraging me.

I had great support from my teams including the Sydney Thunder; they backed me all the way which is always important.

Overall the experience was tough but I was always confident enough to know that I’ll come out ok.

Arjun Nair exclusive insight

To add to the woe this cricket season I suffered a small stress fracture in my lower back, so I’m focusing on recovering from that right now.

My main goal is to be 100% fit by the Big Bash, right now I’m on the rehab process playing just as a batter in grade cricket.

At times, I can’t help but feel frustrated by it all, because at last year’s Big Bash I was bowling pretty well and taking wickets. In the end it felt like a little push in the back almost like saying “all that work and success you’ve had means nothing”.

Arjun Nair exclusive insight

Obviously everyone’s main goal is to play for Australia.

My worry was that the issue I had with my bowling action was going to impact my future prospects of pushing towards national selection, but I’ve always believed that I can overcome anything and that’s the most important thing for any athlete, is that belief in yourself.

And it was a testament to my own character as well, that I could come out in the last two games in the BBL as a specialist batsman.

My initial thoughts was that I’m just going to pull the plug almost and just stay home, but then my coach called me up and said he wants me to play as a batsman and the fact that he was backing me and wanted me to play just gave me that boost to be like ‘Ok the coach wants me to play, so I’ll come out and do my job”.

I was definitely a bit nervous coming out, knowing the news had come out and others had heard what happened, I felt embarrassed to be in public.

But I knew I had to get through this and with support from my family and the Thunder it helped me not worry. My biggest concern from this experience was not that my career could be in jeopardy, or that even my contract with the Sydney Thunder was in danger.

It was mainly about my possible future for Australia.

Arjun Nair exclusive insight

I was asking myself questions like, how does this impact how people perceive me? I was also confident in my ability and knew I could get back, but I was hoping that this issue doesn’t cause problems for me in way of public perception.

Thankfully, it’s all fixed now and Cricket Australia were very supportive as well.

I’ve got the backing from talent managers and what not.

It’s now all about coming out and performing in the next Big Bash and showing that I’m even better than I was last year.

End of the day I believe that tough times makes the good times even better.