When my spark for football began to fade away, I knew I needed to take action.

Everyday, my training sessions felt like a drag, and playing seemed more like a “have to” than a “want to”.

The opportunity of a lifetime to sign with Arsenal, and move to England came my way and I knew I could not pass on it.

This was the path I needed to take. Since then, my passion for the game revived like never before.


It all began after a conversation with Joe Montemurro.

I did not know Joe personally, but I had heard amazing things about him from other people.

So, I was really open to hearing his experiences and opinions about Arsenal.

During our conversation, Joe only had positive things to say about the team. The way he had described his own experiences and the dynamics on how the club operates all perfectly matched my own personal expectations and desires of a football club.

I was open for anything at the time but whenever the thought of looking for something in Europe crossed my mind, my first choice was always England. So, It all seemed too good to be true.

After just one conversation with Joe, I was sold.

I straight away went to speak with my agent and explained that this was something I wanted to make happen.

It was early days and my agent and I had not really discussed the topic of signing overseas. But, deep down I just knew that this was the right route for me.

The ball started to get rolling once I signed and made the decision to relocate to the UK.


The hardest thing for me at the time was that I had only just started my season with Sydney FC.

To pack up and leave a team before heading into finals was a position I had never found myself in before.

I have never been one to start something and not finish it, so the whole situation felt quite strange.


But, playing for England was a major opportunity for me and it felt too good to pass on. I did not want to let it slip.

This part of the process was difficult, I had so many thoughts and emotions running through my mind.

However, the girls from Sydney FC were super supportive and happy for me, which made transition a lot easier.

When I arrived in England, I found it daunting that I did not know anyone.

Usually, I would always know of someone or share mutual friends that would make getting along with others more easier.

This unfamiliarity was definitely scary for me. I am also not one to watch football unless it was with my friends, therefore I did not know much about the Arsenal girls outside of Joe’s positive opinions.

All the uncertainty faded away when I got introduced to the club and finally met the girls. They were very welcoming and straight away I felt like I was a part of the team.

The team had suffered a lot of previous injuries before I had arrived and I think my arrival to them was a big relief as well. It was almost like “Thank God, we needed another player!” But despite this, everyone was very excited for me to be there, and I felt that straight away.

As soon as I arrived I wanted get straight into training.

Through training is where you earn your respect from your teammates and I wanted that to happen quickly in order to make those connections and start settling into the club.

This process went smoothly and each day that passed only guaranteed that I made the right move.

In saying this, I still enjoyed my time in the US. However, it felt as though I had lost my love for the game. I was doing the same thing back and fourth, non-stop and it started to feel like a regular nine to five job rather than a deep passion of mine.

This move was very refreshing for me and my football career. It is really great that my team members and I all share the same values for football and we are all very football minded. This aspect allows us to connect deeper and strive to be better players.

Before, training for me was becoming an impediment. Now, I arrive on the training field an hour early, armed and ready for the day.

Even during the early days when I first arrived in England, I was arriving an hour early for training despite my jet lag.


My excitement to train and play football had finally returned and I felt like a little kid again.

This was the feeling I truly missed.

So far, I have only played two games including the Cup Final against Chelsea.

We did not win the Cup Finals, but even after taking a loss I still felt really good. It was the first time I actually felt good after a game in a long time, despite not taking a win.

As soon as the game finished we were close to going to extra time and for the first time ever, I found myself feeling upset because I wanted to keep playing.

I had no expectations when I moved to England. But deep down, I knew that this was the right move.

The excitement to train and the thrill of competing on the field is what I live for. And now that I have that passion back, my game is stronger than ever before and my spark for football is imperishable.