I’m still kind of pinching myself that this week is even here. Seriously. I know so many of the girls have been on record, saying this, but I honestly didn’t think the NRLW would even happen in my “sports lifetime”.

I thought it was at least another 10 years away. I definitely didn’t think that when I first started playing, that the NRLW was going to be a thing.

I’m pretty lucky because I’m this is only my third year so there will be plenty of opportunities for me to be involved in the years to come.

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I feel for the many great women’s players, retired now, that don’t get these opportunities. We all do.

Which is why we feel such a strong responsibility to treat it correctly, because you’re doing it for the younger girls but you’re also playing for the people that have had to retire and had to miss out this massive opportunity.

They’re the ones that paved the pathway for us.

We’re now pioneering this league for us, and for future generations, who can look up to elite female rugby league players and know that there is no reason why they can’t share the same aspirations.

chelsea lenarduzzi exclusive insight

They can tell themselves, there’s an actual set of role models there for them to strive towards.

I know how important that is, because when I was little we didn’t have any NRL players to look up to, we didn’t even have a realistic dream to strive for.

I would be surprised if other NRLW players didn’t share the same view.

Come Sunday, win or lose, we’ve all won. This journey for all of us has been life-changing.

But I am the ultimate competitor, so singing the song after the game with the girls in the sheds is what I am going to be playing for.

chelsea lenarduzzi exclusive insight

We’ve worked so damn hard to get to this point, and it would be such a testament to the group if we could be part of the inaugural NRLW premiership team.

We as a team want this so badly, and I know how much it would mean to the girls, and the tireless support staff who work so hard behind the scenes.

I know when I take to the field this Sunday, I’ll be out there with 16 other Broncos who will go the extra mile for me, and vis versa.
This is our time. Our history. Our moment.