“Shimmy Disco” is the new disco David Guetta. Haven’t you heard?

I’ve been getting a so many gigs which has been awesome! I actually started DJing as a hobby!

My brother Dylan has been a DJ since I was in high school, he used to play at the clubs around home.

He was nice enough to teach me how to play, next minute I was playing alongside him and then started venturing out myself and I started playing at a few of the local night clubs.

I figured out it was the perfect way for me to make money while I’m surfing full time.

I’ve tried getting part time jobs in the past but it’s kind of impossible while I’m surfing full time, as I’ll end up going to a cafe and saying, “Hey can I please get a job… but I’m going away in two weeks for a surf competition?!”

So getting a real job like that has never really worked out! DJing has been the perfect job for me and it’s honestly so much fun I absolutely love it!

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I am a resident DJ at a few places now on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

It’s a pretty flexible job and you can work at a few different venues so it works perfectly with my surfing schedule.

It’s actually been so refreshing to have something else to focus on when I’m not surfing.

When I’m away for a surf contest, we often have a lot of downtime in between heats and if there’s no surf so it’s been really good for me to have music to focus on when I have spare time.

I’m the kind of person that always has to be doing something productive so it’s great now I can spend hours on my music when I have nothing to do.

My number one priority is still my surfing!

There’s no place I would rather be than back on the World Tour!

Dimity Stoyle exclusive insight

I love free surfing but I love competing and being at a contest and performing in front of people against the best surfers in the world.

The two years that I was on the World Tour in 2014 and 2015 were the best years of my life!

Nothing compares to the feeling of surfing against the best in the world and trying to win!

A lot of my friends are on the world tour also so travelling around the world surfing together is so much fun! The past year I’ve been working hard to get back into the top 17 and thats my number one goal.

The last two years i’ve been competing on the WQS (world qualifying series) to try and get back onto the World Tour and it is such a battle!

Right now there are so many girls in the world who surf amazing and there is only 17 spots on the World Tour.

That’s why the WQS is so hard, because most of the girls who are already on the world tour have to do the WQS events also to keep their spot on tour.

So its basically like surfing a world tour event but with 150 girls all trying to get into the top 17!

It’s so expensive travelling to all the events over the world so my goal is always to get a good result and that way my prize money will pay for my trip.

Dimity Stoyle exclusive insight

Surfing has so many ups and downs, it’s so hard to travel across the world to an event and lose first heat it becomes a very expensive heat loss.

I’m happy I’ve finally found a good balance with DJing and making money to save for my WQS events so I can surf freely without stressing about money.

Now all I’m focusing on is getting good results to get me back on tour!

With Instagram and social media now we have the power to show the world our true self and market ourselves exactly how we want.

I’m not getting paid by a company to do that, but it’s more like I’m actually 100% myself on there. I’m really happy just being myself and not trying to impress a brand or something like that.

I’ve got so much freedom to post whatever I want and just do whatever I want, wear whatever I want.

So, yeah, I’m happy and my focus is to get back on tour and then I’m getting paid good money to surf, and that’s always been my dream.