I’m really looking forward to getting out there this week.

In all honesty I am also quite nervous! It’s been almost 5 weeks on the sideline and with an injury that isn’t common to me.

I’ve been in the game for 17 years now and consider myself extremely blessed to have had my first significant injury and first surgery for that matter at the age of 30.

This is the first year that I’ve encountered a hamstring tear (twice) and it has certainly been a real challenge.

I’ve learnt that there’s only a certain amount in my control when it comes to injury prevention and management, and in saying that, I know that I’ve done the hard work needed and that I’m ready to go this week.

I’ve been asked the question many times about where I see myself playing at my age and also coming back from my most recent injury.

I still believe I have a lot of great football left as a midfielder, however I do also see myself spending more time down forward but ultimately I’ll be happy to play wherever Scotty feels I’m best suited.