I remember getting the phone call during my lunch break at work.

It just broke my heart. It honestly felt like someone has just died.

When I first started playing rugby league four years ago, the World Cup was my ultimate goal.

So when I received the phone call to inform me that I missed selection, I was devastated.

When you work for something, day in and day out, it becomes all you think about.

Everyday I go home and train. I go to footy training and play every weekend.

And to fall short is crushing.

To see all the girls on Instagram & Facebook at camp, and reading the stories through the media, it’s hard not to feel disappointed because all you want is to be there with them, soaking it all in.

I just love the game so much; I take unpaid leave whenever I go away for footy, and as such have to suffer financially just to play, but I do it because I love it so much.

My Dad played in the Brisbane A-Grade division against the likes of Wally Lewis in his prime, so footy has always been in the family.

We grew up on a farm, and while we didn’t play much sport at home, all through my high school years in Yeppoon I would play any sport they would let me!

From soccer to netball and touch – if it had a ball I’d want to give it a go!

It wasn’t really until I was 23 though, when I was invited to come down to my local Rugby League club, did I really start falling in love with the game.

And the rest is history, having been fortunate enough since to represent my country with the Jillaroos for the past two years.

Failing to make the World Cup selection won’t slow me down though, if anything I want to use my heartache of missing out as motivation to work harder than I ever have before.

Kody House celebrates alongside the Australian Jillaroos following the side's ANZAC Test victory over New Zealand at Canberra Stadium (image supplied via @Kodes03)
Kody House celebrates alongside the Australian Jillaroos following the side’s ANZAC Test victory over New Zealand at Canberra Stadium (image supplied via @Kodes03)

I don’t want to just be scraping by and on the edge of future selections; I really want to set my sights on being a starting player, who teammates enjoy playing alongside.

Because of the restructuring of the Auckland Nines, my return to the playing field won’t be until April next year when local club football commences.

At the same time, there is the ANZAC Day Test match which will be held early in the season, so I’ve got that to strive towards, and in the meantime have also begun off-season training for a bodybuilding competition.

For now, with the focus being the World Cup, you’re not going to find anyone cheering louder than me for the girls.

Individually they’ve all worked so hard to get to this point, and I know coach Brad Donald will have them firing from all cylinders come kick off.

Everyone in camp is like family to me, and I can’t wait to see the final in Brisbane so I can hopefully support and cheer them on to victory.

Good luck girls.

Kody House

Kody House is an Australian female rugby league player who has featured a number of times for the national women's team, the Jillaroos.