For my doubles partner Setyana and I, the goal is simple – let’s go and get that gold medal.

It is a big dream of ours, but that is what we are hoping for during our time on the Gold Coast, and we’ve worked super hard to put ourselves in a position to achieve success.

Many athletes often find themselves picturing the moment of winning something big, and triumphing at a home Commonwealth Games would be high on that list!

But when you edge closer and closer to the event, it does become so much more real.

Everything about your preparation becomes so much more specific, to the point where you start to magnify all your actions in the lead-in to competition.

Visualising success is a lot more than just closing your eyes and thinking what it would be like to be wearing gold around your neck on a podium.

Your training, diet and recovery becomes even more important, and thankfully I’ve been able to tick those boxes on a consistent basis prior to these Gold Coast games.

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Like I mentioned, Setyana and I have both worked so incredibly hard to get to this point; if I could wish for anything, it would be that the two of us can walk into the badminton arena with our coach and each of us be in a good headspace.

Because when we are in the right mental state and our attitude is strong, the three of us always perform at our best.

Of course, being fit and energised will help a great deal.

And I say that because luck hasn’t been on my side recently when it comes to injuries! The last thing I will be doing while on the Gold Coast is walking under any ladders, or stepping on any cracks around the athletes’ village.

I have had to overcome a number of lower limb injuries this past year, including shin and ankle problems.

Six months ago, I was in a moon boot for almost eight weeks because of cartilage damage in my right ankle, which unfortunately is now an injury I have to manage on a consistent basis.

Things actually took a bit of a turn a fortnight ago; just days after I arrived back from England, I rolled my ankle, throwing an absolute spanner in the works.

I was on crutches for two days, and it nearly derailed my Commonwealth Games chances.

I lost a little bit of confidence at the time; the timing was not ideal!

All I was thinking about was: how am I possibly going to overcome this in time for the games?

Thankfully, my incredible medical team were able to navigate the injury by placing me on an advanced rehab program, and post-crutches I’ve been able to complete a number of full days of training.

So I’m good to go!

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The positive thing is I can still take plenty of confidence from how the start of 2018 has played out on the court.

We’ve had two tours: one to Thailand and Malaysia, followed by winning the Oceania Championships in Women’s Doubles, marking the fourth consecutive time I have been able to stand on top of the podium at the Championships.

Just before we departed for Birmingham, England in March, we had a brief stay in Hong Kong, training with their national team at the Hong Kong Institute of Sport.

And wow, what an amazing set-up it was!

Honestly, it would be one of the best experiences I have had, and we certainly flew to Birmingham with renewed confidence in our ability to perform on the court.

The stay could also have been a key factor as to why we were able to challenge and push the World #3 to three sets, falling to Denmark’s Kamilla Rytter Juhl and Christinna Pedersen in the third set, 21-18.

We learned a lot from that contest, and I have no doubt that the form we take from that match-up will carry over into the Commonwealth Games.

There are quite a few strong pairs at the Commonwealth Games; it is an interesting one because there are a number of lower-tier nations also represented.

So the earlier rounds might be a feeling out process, as we survey the rest of the field.

Some people have come out of retirement, or forged new national partnerships just prior to the games, so there are always some interesting match-ups which could catch everybody off-guard.

But I think overall we are pretty confident in ourselves, in our ability, and we just have to perform when we get up there.

Let’s go take care of business, Setyana.