Everyday I eat, sleep and breathe footy. During the season, it’s hard to focus on anything else.

This year I completed my MBA.

I’m lucky. I’m so privileged to be able to wake up every day and play footy at the highest level.

So footy absolutely dominates my life – and I’m thankful it does. But while it burns bright as my passion, my interest are also business and sport, especially cricket.

I’ve always been in love with the game and follow it closely all year round.

Isaac Smith exclusive insight

But more than anything, I’m a big believer that passion and love for sport comes through grassroots and amateur competition. By you time you graduate to the elite level, sport becomes a business.

It’s your job, income and livelihood – the “fun” can be taken out of it in many ways, as the demands and pressure of being a professional athlete surfaces to the top.

It’s kind of why I was so drawn to the Cricketer Exchange, and why I was excited to connect with Brad & Glenn to continue to grow Cricketer Exchange.

So many amazing cricket amateurs have simply never had the opportunity to make it to the elite level. Some simply lack the talent required, others are held back due to financial reasons or choose that the elite program isn’t necessarily for them.

But they would love nothing more than the life experience to travel overseas to play and/or coach cricket.

That’s what we’re hoping to achieve through Cricketer Exchange. We’re a big believer that all cricket players, regardless of their skill or talent, should be able to play cricket overseas.

And we’re proud of what we’ve been able to do over the past four/five years.

Isaac Smith exclusive insight

Cricketer Exchange has fast become the leading platform to connect cricket players looking for international opportunities with cricket clubs.

Over the past four years, over 5,000 players have registered and used Cricketer Exchange to try and find a club and over 700 clubs have been able to gain exposure through the platform.

You always hear about your mates heading over on working holidays in countries like Canada – Cricketer Exchange is really no different. We’re changing lives through cricket by giving players access to an unforgettable experience; the chance to develop both personally and as a player.

They experience a new culture and make lifelong friends. We are passionate about all things cricket.

In the coming months, we’re hoping that word can get out to what we’re doing, because I do genuinely feel as though we’re making a huge difference to the lives of amateur/semi-professional cricketers, and the feedback has been outstanding.

I love the opportunities that footy provides me, but I’m also really excited for the impact I can also make in cricket.