This week will always brings back memories. 2 years ago this week I suffered a stroke.

I will always be thankful for surviving something that affects the lives of many families around the world.

That day I felt off. I’m a very optimistic, caring, respectful and easy going person but on this day I felt angry, sad and frustrated.

That feeling lead to my right arm suffering paralysis for what felt like forever. Not knowing the seriousness of what was happening, I was encouraged by my former wife to go get checked out immediately.

The stroke was caused by stress. A previous investor offered 35% equity only to blackmail me a few months later to request 50% or no orders would be shipped out.

I was embarrassed and subsequently this fear lead to stress. This picture above is a few hours after heart surgery, Feb 2018.

Cause of the stroke was a hole in my heart. It’s crazy to think that I played AFL for 14 years and showed no symptoms.

It’s scary to think nothing happened whilst playing and scary to think that the stroke could of happened whilst possibly driving.

For me, I always take positives out of negatives. Stroke, heart surgery, being sued and a person I adored & loved leaving me has occurred over these past 2 years.

I could look back at this time and stand still and say ‘why me’ however that’s not my approach. It’s been hard, no question.

A few things I’ve learnt is…

1. Time. You can’t replace time. Time with my kids, time with friends, time doing things I love.

Someone once said that ‘to heal’ takes time. Well time flies when you’re having fun right?? So that’s what I’m doing, having fun doing what I want & listening to my intuition.

2. Speaking out. Talking about what I’ve been through has helped me express my feelings but has also allowed me to show strength for others who are going through their own pain and struggles.

I’ve learnt so much about myself: learnt that I’m resilient, optimistic and so dedicated to believing in myself that success WILL HAPPEN.

Success with my kids, success in business, success for people in and around me. If you’ve read this far, thanks for checking in, I appreciate it.

Here’s to more years having fun with my boys, my dog.