I must have seen this meme every day for about a year.

If you haven’t managed to see it, well done to you for spending far less time on socials than I do!

The premise of Good Kermit, Bad Kermit is simple, and it resonates with all of us. Bad Kermit is the voice inside our head that we allow to influence us at times, and Good Kermit, you guessed it – is the logical one.

Katie Stevens exclusive insight

At some point, everyone struggles with their “outer-self vs their inner-self”, but like everything there are always solutions and ways you can have your Good Kermit defeat your Bad Kermit.

Can you relate? Here’s an example of the same scenario, and the two Kermit’s responses.

Good Kermit

Bad Kermit

  • I want to grow my brand organically, have people connect with me because they want to and build a strong following over time.
  • Sales are slower than I would like, I am going to consider a myriad of different marketing options and find the best return on investment I can for the business.
  • I really want to work and develop my team to understand the business we are in. If we focus on serving our people they will reward us back over the long term with loyalty and hard work.
  • Expenses are a part of the business that we can monitor and be mindful of but are also the reason we have grown so strongly and a necessary part of our future. Cost cutting would lose us some of our competitive advantage.
  • I want results immediately, even if I have to pay and attract the wrong audience – which will serve us for validation purposes only.
  • Sales are slow, panic stations. Let’s throw all of our free cash flow into untried marketing strategies as we know one of them is bound to have some success. It is just simple math!
  • Jenny in HR isn’t working out, remove her. Don’t even worry about an exit interview to understand what went wrong. There is no way it can be us, we set her up for success.
  • *Key Account leaves* No more travel expenses to support the other key accounts, no more office catering when they visit, no more entertainment for key accounts – what is the point if they are all leaving?! *One has left*

Seems a little familiar, right? In the entrepreneurial space, self-talk is so important and of course in most situations, we find ourselves going back and forth in our head.

Katie Stevens exclusive insight

If you’re anything like me, I’m impatient and want things done yesterday! But to be successful in business, you are going to have to trust the process and unfortunately the results don’t happen immediately.

I’ve learnt persistence and patience is really when the magic happens.

Keep working through the steps that are proven and logical and it will lead to results. 100’s of years of successful businesses have proved this again and again. The key components to a successful business:

  • Have a business plan and know it well
  • Know your numbers and work within your budget
  • Attract the key people for your brand
  • Market your business to the right audience at the right time
  • Service your customers with passion and genuine support

Millennials with their brilliance in technology, environmental care and human compassions can also be the most susceptible to a losing war on the inner monologue.

Katie Stevens exclusive insight

It’s easy to be told now why you won’t get to where you want to be, whether it be trolls on Instagram or an email inbox full of naysayers.   

We get told all the time how many businesses fail, but like I always say to myself – why can’t you be the one who has success?

Why not us as a business to get what we deserve for the hard work? At the end of the day, fighting your Bad Kermit will get you the results you always wanted!

Tell yourself, If it’s meant to be, then it’s up to me!

Katie Stevens is an accomplished entrepreneur who for over a decade has built four businesses and successfully exited in one instance. Katie’s most recent success comes in Minding Her Business where the brand empowers females to get together and support one another at Networking Events. The business produces sell out events and quality outcomes for its attendees. To find out more head to www.mindingherbusiness.com.au