Katie Stevens is the epitome of a modern day entrepreneur. An online influencer with multiple established businesses to her name, Katie clearly knows the formula for success.

Jordy Lucas from Blue Chip Talent with Katie about growing her empire and what’s next for this woman on a mission.

MHBSyd_Vipasana Roy-198 Katie Stevens

JL: You found fame on Instagram, which has lead you to running multiple businesses, how did you manage to grow such a large, engaged following?

KS: I’m glad that I joined Instagram in the early days (2013). It all started by me posting about my fitness journey. I shared my struggles and experiences and my following started growing. I secured my first sponsorship and it kept me accountable and motivated to keep sharing!  

I have always thought about it from a brands and followers perspective by thinking, what do they actually want to see from my life and how is the best way I can bring it to them through the visual medium. It’s pretty crazy to look back now and reflect on a world without Instagram though, a total game changer for distributing content.

JL: Running multiple businesses obviously means you have an entrepreneurial mindset, where do you think this comes from?

KS: I have always had the drive and the work ethic so I am grateful that is embedded in me. I want to leave a mark and do something that will impact many. I’m also not sure I would make a great employee! I have always been a leader though, and am constantly growing and learning. It seems so easy when I talk about it and share it to my follower’s, but it has been a real challenge and one that has taken so much work behind the scenes.

MHBSyd_Vipasana Roy-198 Katie Stevens

JL: How does the size of someone’s following help when launching a business?

KS: I am not at all focused on my number. Rather, I am focused on the impact. When I look at my Instagram I want to know if it is helping me sell tickets for Minding Her Business, helping me get an important message across or allowing me to share my views on a healthy lifestyle. If people want to tune in for that content – then perfect!

My direction has changed in the last couple of years and my content has shifted from bikini / fitness shots to business and empowerment. In the process, I’m sure I have lost a few followers, but I have attracted a new audience that are on the journey with me. I’m mindful of posting what my audience wants to see, but also what is authentic to where I am and the direction I’m heading.

JL: Through your time as an influencer, you’ve worked with some incredible brands. What have been some highlights for you?

KS: The main highlight for me is that I’ve never ‘sold out’ and that I’ve always believed in WHO I’ve worked with. I just love the brands that have supported me over the journey and I’m so grateful they reached out for me to represent them.

My management and I get enquiries every day and if they are not the right kind of product for me to support, we will not take the opportunity. My followers know I have their best interests at heart and have taken a lot less earning potential to stay authentic.  

MHBSyd_Vipasana Roy-198 Katie Stevens

JL: In October 2017, you co-founded the exclusive women’s events series, Minding Her Business. What was the inspiration behind this?

KS: Why not me? Honestly, I ask this of myself a lot. Why can’t I do this? I saw a gap in the market for something glam but beneficial. Minding Her Business educates its attendees with amazing speakers who leave a powerful impact– but can also make you laugh in the process. It also allows you to connect with some serious boss babes and work off each other’s energy in the room. We put on world-class events thanks to my full team of support. I’m honestly so proud of the outcomes our guests take from each event. Not to mention the goodie bags are pretty special too!

JL: Minding Her Business has already had 5 sell out events, with the most recent in Sydney. Looking forward, what’ your grand vision for MHB?

KS: We want to meet and impact as many Australian women as we can! The plan is to take the brand on the road again with Melbourne in 2019, back to Sydney and if the fans will have us, in other states too. The majority of our interstate enquiries have been from the east coast but we are willing to go where we are wanted!

Ultimately, I see Minding Her Business as an incubator for new brands. Since we have started, there have been 10 businesses formed from attendees meeting at an event and starting something together. 10 businesses from just 5 events just blew my mind. Imagine if we can harness these brands, give them the tools for immediate success and grow them through our own platform!

The future is bright to say the least at MHB.


Jordy Lucas is the PR Manager at Blue Chip Talent where she mentors influencers and media personalities with industry knowledge she acquired from working in the film and television industry for many years. In her own time, Jordy runs her own social strategy business, She Does This.