The below is an extract from Melbourne Demons star, Nathan Jones, from his interview on our players-only podcast #RipThroughIt. Watch the full interview with Nathan Jones below from 14:33 seconds.

Obviously it’s been a long period since we (Melbourne Football Club) have had any real sustained success, and I think there was great hope and expectations from our fans around 2019.

Unfortunately that year didn’t end how any of us wanted it to.

Instead of coming back this summer, and using the same cliches as we’re all used to hearing, we at the club wanted to try and provide more in-depth access so that people could understand what was going on internally.

And I guess my part in that, was what was unfolding for me personally towards the end of the season, and the club captured a fair bit of that behind-the-scenes.

So it was interesting, and I guess even a bit awkward and tough to watch back on it now, because at the time I was struggling a bit personally.

But the reception from a lot of people has been really comforting, having had the courage to speak so openly about it, because a lot of people could relate to that in different aspects of their own life.

So the documentary was a good thing, and when I look back on it now it’s interesting to see how far I’ve come from where I was at.