As all athletes know, and just like every successful person in business will tell you, if you have good continuity in your environment than you will be best positioned to perform to your fullest potential!

It is certainly a key reason as to why I chose to re-sign with Brad Jones Racing – extending my contract for a further two years.

For me, it was important to stay. I wanted to send a strong message to the entire team, from the engineers to the support staff – so that everyone knows we are all pushing in the same direction.

Of course, when weighing up my future prospects, I had explored what other drivers might be up to. Who had a contract? Who might be on the move?

But if I am to be 100% honest, I have been trying to get into BJR for a few years, and now that I am here, it has been everything that I had expected and hoped for.

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There’s a lot of potential here, so for me it was a no brainer; that’s why it was done so early in the season.

The contract extension was done straight after the Grand Prix, so we were able to lock everything away in March.

Again, I wanted to make sure that the whole team knew I was very committed to being here.

It isn’t hard to get caught up in the silly season with drivers chopping and changing, so I wanted to make sure that they knew I was there for the long haul.

It sends a good message and a good vibe into our team; I’d love to repay the faith for both sides.

If I can keep doing whatever I’m doing and focus on trying to crack into that top three of the championship over the next two seasons, that would be a massive goal ticked for me.

I’ve driven for the Holden Racing Team, the biggest team in the sport. I drove there and was involved in that team from age 18 to 25, so I’ve seen what their culture was like.

I’ve been to the smallest team in the pit lane for two years, so obviously the differences of the biggest and smallest are huge. When I landed at BJR, I realised quickly they are far from a small team!

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It’s a big team with huge opportunity. But I have seen the culture building where I am now, and it is hard to find that in any sport sometimes.

A team where it simply feels like a big family and you definitely know that they’ve got your back.

There’s no real political games inside our headquarters.

Everyone’s pushing in the same direction; even amongst teammates. Because obviously in Supercars, the first guys you kind of want to beat is your teammate and it’s a little bit different to other team-orientated sports like AFL or rugby league.

For this sport it’s definitely individual result driven at the end of the day. From the engineers, mechanics and drivers. We all have our own goals.

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There’s a few key things which occurred last year which impacted our results; we endured some big crashes, which sometimes are outside yourself and the team’s control. But the way they bounced back was seriously impressive. Everyone helped make sure the cars were exactly where we needed them to be at the start of this year.

Again, there is a culture brewing here where they just back in us drivers to perform. In hindsight, it was a pretty easy decision to say after a few other teams I’ve been at.

I believe on any day, with a little bit of luck going the right way, we’ll find ourselves anywhere from probably third to sixth during most championship rounds.

Nick Percat exclusive insight

As a team we need to understand where we need to the car to be in that position; it’s all about trying to develop the car into a position where on your bad day you qualify tenth and can have a good race from there.

It’s purely about just trying to find a little bit more direction of where the car is at and to hone down on exactly what we need to do to make it go faster.