In real time there was a wave of emotions going through me.

Ultimately, my only priority was for my co-driver Todd Hazelwood, who was behind the wheel when the car turned upside down and over the fence.

Those are the moments where everything stops around you, and nothing else matters except the genuine well-being and safety of your team mate.

The entire Team CoolDrive breathed a sigh of relief when Todd received the all-clear from track staff.

Unfortunately, in unison, we all quickly crashed back to reality.

The car was destroyed. There wasn’t much left of the Holden Commodore, as we accepted on the spot a number of long nights awaited us should we be any chance of making it to Bathurst.

View of the track at the 2017 Supercars Championship Round 11
2017 Supercars Championship Round 11.
Bathurst 1000, Mount Panorama, New South Wales, Australia.
Tuesday 3rd October to Sunday 8th October 2017.
World Copyright: Daniel Kalisz Photographer (supplied by CoolDrive Racing)

Funnily though, as untimely as it has been just a fortnight out from the biggest race day of the year, I’ve been impressed as our whole team has galvanized as a group over our circumstance.

The team have more or less been living together since Sandown.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner has all been shared at the workshop.

The silver lining in all of this has been our team environment and culture has never been this strong.

And most importantly for Todd, he has wasted no time in building back his confidence, racing in Dunlop Series just an hour after the incident.

With him back in the main series, at 100%, I’m confident he will be ready to perform this weekend.

As for Bathurst, I haven’t seen our preparation as being jeopardised. On the contrary, the entire CoolDrive team couldn’t be more focused.

And we need to be. At Bathurst you’re relying on your team to make the right strategy calls in a bid to maximise pit stops; in such a high pressured environment, our team works needs to rise to the occasion.

With the new car at our disposal, we know risk-taking will need to be measured and strategic, but in saying that we feel have the ability to be aggressive and push the boundaries of strategy to find that competitive edge.

For Team CoolDrive, it really isn’t about championship position or points for us, rather the opportunity to stand tallest on the biggest day of the year.

That’s what excites us most about Bathurst.

Regardless of this weekend’s results, I couldn’t be more proud of my team.