I don’t label myself as young.

Yes – those around me still consider to be a young and emerging player on the WTA Tour, when compared to many of the more experienced campaigners in the change rooms.

But while may only be 20, I don’t want my age to hold me back anymore. Nothing irks me off more than when someone chooses to use my age against me. Respect my game.

As far as I am concerned, in my mind, it’s my time to take the next step and begin to make my ascent up the rankings board.

I’m not gonna let the “she’s still young” tag fly anymore, because as far as tennis years is concerned, I’m not.

I’ve been playing on tour for a while, and it’s time to make the impact I know I am capable of.

Our recent team performance at the Fed Cup, was a kind reminder that I can match it against the best in the world and be a top-tier tennis player in this country for years to come.

The opportunity to be part of the national team for Fed Cup was a dream come true. There was a fair bit of anxiety throughout the week, as we weren’t sure who would actually feature on the team. Of course, Ash Barty and Daria Gavrilova were walk-up starts, but the other three sports were unknown until the end of that week.

Of the five selected, only four compete at the tournament. So the whole week was really dependent on how well you performed on the practice courts, and whether or not you could show the selection committee that you had what it takes.

It was an honour to be named a competing player.


And as it would play out, it was definitely probably the highlight of my career so far.

To play for your country, on such a large stage with fans watching from around the world, it was a feeling I wish I could bottle up. So much of tennis involves competing as an individual, but there is honestly no better feeling than playing for more than yourself, and that is exactly why Fed Cup means so much to us girls.

There’s so much more on the line at the same time, you don’t want to disappoint anyone. Especially the rest of the girls on the team and in the squad.

When you win, the whole team wins, so it feels so much more special.


I couldn’t explain the feeling when I served out the victory alongside Ash against Team USA’s Danielle Collins and Nicole Melichar in February, helping send Australia into it’s first World Cup semi-final in five years.

What people don’t know were the actual thoughts that were going through my head at the time.

If I was in that same situation a couple of year ago, I would’ve completely broken down and wouldn’t know what to do. But now, just being in tight situations a lot more often, you learn a little bit about how to deal with these types of situations.

Even the commentary in the crowd couldn’t pull me away from attacking the moment.

Over my right shoulder, I could hear a member of the crowd, that could clearly sense that my nerves were beginning to creep up and get the better of me, and they were muttering under their breath, “Look, Priscilla is about to break. She’s about to break down. Her serve is breaking.” Every single time I was about to serve. I would just hear that, and then you start thinking about it, and it just doesn’t help at all.

But I knew that I had the resilience to fight through it. Ash was even better – Ash and I have been playing tennis with each other since we were little girls growing up in Brisbane, and she knew exactly what to say.

She reassured me that I’d been serving hot all week, as really pressed that in that exact moment, there was no one better to get us over the line than me.

It was what I needed to hear. Before I knew it, the nerves were gone. I said to myself, it’s now or never.

If I lost that game, things could have completely changed. But I managed to to find a way through.

As far as my tennis is concerned, Ash has always been by my side. We’ve grown up with each other, and we always spoke about playing together at some point, and obviously that never could really happen because she’s just taken off like a rocket in recent years.

But being together in Asheville, as two of the four competing members in the Fed Cup team, was a dream come two. A dream that first came about when we were just two little girls, hoping that one day we would be where we are today.