Brittany O’Brien features in “Question & Answer Time” this week, giving us all an insight into one of the Australia’s rising talents in diving.

Looking back on your collective commonwealth games experience, how did you find mingling with some of the commonwealth’s best sportspeople in the Athlete’s Village?

The village was amazing! Having an entire community of people from all over the world, all living out their dreams at the same time makes for a pretty incredible vibe. I saw some of my biggest sporting inspirations hanging out in the village and to think that they were all there for the same reasons as I was made me super excited, motivating me even more.

What was one of your fondest memories from the commonwealth games… be it a moment from the stadium, athlete village or around the city!

There are so many moments to choose from , however I think that having that home crowd advantage is really what made these games special! From marching in the opening ceremony, standing on the diving platform hearing the crowd roar, to the farewell ceremony where the entire Australian team was treated like Royalty, the entire home games experience was rare and very much cherished!

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Melissa Wu and you have forged a strong friendship through diving. Is she someone you seek inspiration from?

Mel and I train together and have become great friends – at the same time she’s definitely one of my idols. With so much experience and success behind her she’s someone I go to for advice, diving related or not. The way she handles herself, her career and all the people in her life is really incredible and I aspire to follow in her footsteps.

Personally, how do you currently see your performances and what are you hoping to achieve this competition diving season.

At the Games, I’m fairly happy with my overall performances – however there is a lot of room for improvement particularly in synchro. I actually fly out to Canada tomorrow for the Grand Prix, so I’m really hoping to medal there! Straight after that is our nationals, which are trials for World Cup in China, so I’m hoping to make that and perform a personal best at each event!

When you’re on the diving board, and you’re just moments away from launching yourself into the air, what is going on through your mind?! What are you thinking to yourself?

When I’m about to do a dive, I can’t overthink it. I usually just think about one or two key technical aspects of the dive, count to 3 and just go for it. Overthinking the dive can cause serious mind blocks for divers, which is something I’ve had to learn to overcome over the past few years.

Diving is such a competitive sport, and there is so much reliance on balance, timing and precision. Do have any pre-competition routines or rituals you aim to stick too?

I don’t have any specific routines or rituals, I actually just treat competition like I do training. If I compete the same way I train, I know I’ll dive well so I just focus on each individual dive as the competition goes on. I also enjoy watching the other competitors and keeping track of my score, whereas a majority of other divers do not.

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When Brittany O’Brien is not on the diving board, what does she like to get up too?

I’ve taken a break from Uni this year so at the moment I have a lot of free time! I’m super passionate about fashion, makeup and design, so I’m working on pursuing a career in that industry. I’m also in the middle of completing my diving coaching course so I’m going to start coaching some of the younger divers!