She went on The Bachelor to find love, but after being portrayed as ‘the villain’ of the series, Jen Hawke became the target of online bullying and media scrutiny.

Jordy Lucas chats with Jen about dealing with backlash, living in the limelight and the part of her life that will always remain private.


JL: So Jen! Let’s talk about how being on The Bachelor changed your life!?    

JH: While the show was airing I was in a very dark place, I suffered depression after seeing how I was edited and ultimately portrayed on TV.

Today, life isn’t particularity different from what it prior to the Bachelor – except now people are shocked that I’m a nice person when they meet me. Like before, I’m still as focused on my career. That’s really where my drive and passion is at the moment.

JL: You certainly were portrayed as ‘the villain’ on the show. Do you feel this is an accurate depiction of your true character?

JH: Absolutely not! I have a very sarcastic sense of humour and a lot of what I said was edited and taken out of context. So much of the show is planned and staged as well. I will admit though, I did play up to the role of ‘the villain’ once I realised there was no romantic connection between the bachelor and myself!

Jen Hawke

JL: Did you suffer backlash from the way you were portrayed?

JH: I have received death threats, abuse and an onslaught of being publicly slammed. I just laugh, the saddest thing about it is the fact these people believe what they are watching is real.

JL: What is your advice for someone dealing with trolls online?

JH: Ignore them, block them and talk to people you love. Your family and friends are the only people that matter! 

Jen Hawke

JL: You’ve really gained a profile within the media in Australia since the show. What’s life like in the limelight?

JH: I find media attention funny! One thing that being in the limelight has taught me though, is that I really value my privacy. I’ve had some things going on in my personal life, so I’ve started to take a step back. I also always keep my love life private.

Jen Hawke

JL: You’re really into charity work and supporting great causes, are there any in particular that are close to your heart?

JH: Being a survivor of domestic violence, I’m extremely passionate about White Ribbon. I’m also a Mo’ Sister for Movember – I think it’s very important men feel supported when it comes to both their mental and physical health. 

JL: What’s next for Jen Hawke?

JH: There are a few things in the pipeline but this bitchelorette is still figuring it out. Watch this space!


Jordy Lucas is the PR Manager at Blue Chip Talent where she mentors influencers and media personalities with industry knowledge she acquired from working in the film and television industry for many years. In her own time, Jordy runs her own social strategy business, She Does This.