Jeepers, aren’t we all sick of hearing this? A phrase so often used, but do we even know the true meaning of it? Even if we do, can we put it into action and truly grasp the handling part?

Adversity: ‘a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress’

Handling: ‘manage (a situation or problem)’

Phew, now we understand.

Prior to injury, I thought adversity was getting stuck in traffic, losing a bag when flying to another country or losing a game of basketball due to a bunch of crappy calls made by sh*t refs! … They know who they are.

Now since being through the toughest, most mentally challenging experience of my life, I know how shitty adversity can and still continues to be. Here’s a little on how I have managed thus far, but first …

A quick run down.

Since rupturing my ACL, ripping the meniscus root of the bone and fracturing my knee back in November 17, I’ve now had 3 surgeries, ongoing swelling (synovitis), an extra torn meniscus flap that needed repairing and a degenerative knee that can potentially put a stop on my longevity in this sport.

Sara Blicavs

What a year hey? What a year for becoming resilient! What a year to really get to know myself on a different level, to really understand what I’m good at, what I can cope with and what limits my body can get pushed to. I’M TERRIBLE AT PATIENCE! This doesn’t help my cause.

I’m a super duper positive person.

I’ve been going through my past year with a simple phrase to get me through my injury woe and that is “Ah well.”

In saying this, there comes a point in time when it all just gets too much and telling yourself over and over again, day in and day out that “you’ll be right” can only go so far.

I have been through a few down moments during this whole journey, but a couple of weeks ago was truly the hardest part.

I haven’t been allowed to train with any swelling in my knee.

My knee had been swollen for 5 weeks, this meant I had been resting it for 5 weeks.

Sara Blicavs 1

You would think by now, after giving my knee a whole lot of love and care it would return the favour?

The game that I love has been taken away from me the past 8 months and I do not have the patience for this.

Once I had my cry, punched a few boxing bags and really let all my frustrations out, I went to my favourite quote that I live by. ‘You can’t control the uncontrollables’.

Ooooh, it just gives me shivers every time I say it out loud. That quote, right there, gets everyone saying, ‘that’s so true,’ and isn’t it just?

When you really understand that and realise that there is no point in stressing over something you have zero control over, then your life becomes somewhat less tense.

Your knee is doing it’s own thing Sara, so no point in trying to rush the process and aggravating it some more. Let it go, keep giving it the love it needs and enjoy your time off.

Another way I approached this year long injury, was trying to find the good and the positive that can come from it.

You can find good in every negative situation (even if your mind won’t allow you to think this way).

There is always a silver lining. Mine was the fact that I could take some time to work on the things I’ve never had a chance to work on. Gym was number one, becoming an absolute weapon in the gym that is (sorry folks, talking myself up again, but everyone needs a little self love here and there).

I could start fresh with my shooting and teach myself good habits and good techniques. I can take time out to watch more basketball and become a smarter more knowledgeable player. So much good from this crappy situation.

Here you go, If you change the way you look at things, then the things you look at change.

I’m a big believer in fate. That everything happens for a reason and I think if you change your mental state and give yourself, and give life a break, then you will be happier, less stressed and a lover of this beautiful life that your parents gave you!

A little extra, My father said to me the other day, ‘A problem shared is a problem halved.’ Gosh he is a wise owl. Make sure we all remember this one people.

Sara x